Cantina Pasetto.

Who we are

Cascina Albarone, a story of dedication to the Lugana terroir.

The farmhouse in which the Pasetto winery is located was purchased by Emilio and Graziella Pasetto in 1977, having come to the area from the Soave wine country in the province of Verona. Here in Lugana, they acquired the western portion of the “Albarone” farmhouse (“cascina” in Italian) and then refurbished and expanded it. Cascina Albarone is a little piece of history in Lugana, an area that is known around the world for the production of the Lugana white wine. Documented in the historical archives of the Habsburg Empire and in the Napoleonic land register, the farmhouse is in a fairly isolated location in the heart of the municipality of Sirmione.

It was here that Emilio returned to what he knew best, backed by the invaluable experience he had gained in Soave’s Trebbiano vineyards, now cultivating Turbiana vines, planting new ones, and grafting the ones that produced the least. Over the years, his sons Stefano and Marco would gradually join the family business and began to make their own mark, beginning to make wine in 1993 from the grapes grown. Roots are everything, and the roots of the Pasetto vineyards have always been planted deeply in family and in the tradition of working the fields and making wine.

Tradition and
the territory:
Cantina Pasetto

Cantina Pasetto was built in the early 1990s when the addition of Stefano and Marco to the business gave rise to new objectives, such as making our own wine and bottling in house our Lugana DOC, Lugana I Calmi, Albarone rosé, and Marzemino Benaco Bresciano and Albarone Benaco Bresciano reds. Our winery is laid out across the two floors of our farmhouse, with winemaking and the wine cellar being on the underground level and with bottling, the warehouse and offices on the ground floor. Our tasting room is also an integral part of the winery and is located in what was once the stables, in the oldest section of the farmhouse. Soft pressing, controlled-temperature fermentation, storage in steel vats and, to a limited extent, in oak barrels are the main phases of the winemaking process.


Wines, passionate
experts in the field.

I Calmi

White Wine

From our i calmi vineyard (1970) comes a selection of the best grapes

Cascina Albarone

White Wine

A Lugana D.O.C. featuring a delicate bouquet of fruit and sweet white flowers


Rosé Wine

Grapes harvested and vinified to obtain the free-run juice

Benaco Bresciano

Red Wine

A ruby-red wine that is the result of 8 days of maceration

Albarone Rosso
Benaco Bresciano

Red Wine

A Benaco Bresciano red wine with a pleasantly intense aroma


wines to enjoy


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